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Online Web Based Tutorials – Parents kNOwmore has created tutorials for schools   (elementary, middle and high school levels).  Each student can access these online tutorials that will educate them on social media awareness.

The online tutorial takes approximately 20 minutes.  Topics included in all tutorials are:

  1. Social etiquette terms
  2. Inappropriate and Appropriate behaviors online
  3. Positive and Negative Usage on Social Media
  4. Cyber Bullying (Identifying the Bully, Not Enabling the Bully, etc.)
  5. Becoming an upstander and not a bystander
  6. Laws pertaining to Cyber Bullying
  7. Schools Individual Policy (social media and/or technology policy)
  8. Delete does not exist
  9. Password protection
  10. Consequences
  11. High School can include sexting (if school approves content)
  12. Suicides (Middle School and High School only)

Each school will have the option of incorporating their own technology/social media policy within each course module.   This information educates students and can help schools stand by their policies and disciplinary actions.