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How to Talk to Your Kids About Cyber Bullying

Let’s face it – all of these conversations about “cyber bullying” can go in so many different directions. Many parents “assume” that their kids already know what is acceptable or not in the online world. So many parents think, “my kids would never do that”. Do you give a new driver the keys to a car, without any education, a license, a driver’s test? Probably not. The phone should be treated ...
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Curt Schilling and how he stood up to his daughter’s online harassers

After reading the recent article about Curt Schilling and how he stood up to his daughter’s online harassers, more parents should be inspired and encouraged to take action if this ever happens to their children. Basically Curt “called out” these cowards who wrote horrific comments about his daughter who just got accepted into Salve Regina University in Rhode Island. If more parents followed the...
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Leader or “Follower”?

Traditionally, people have been grouped into one of these two categories: Leader or Follower. With today’s young tech-savvy generation, who is a leader anymore? Everyone wants to be a “follower” in cyberspace. Teenagers and children are obsessed with the “likes” throughout social media. The “likes” define their social status, self-esteem, popularity and their approval ratings. A true leader di...
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Sexting – a new trend for the youth today. After reading this article and watching the news this past week, it saddens me to know that so many families, schools and communities will have to deal with the aftermath of this incident. How could this have been prevented? Do the parents really know what their kids are doing online? If so, would this incident have taken place? Sexting is sending...
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